AMEO PowerBreather -Sport Swim Snorkel

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Take a quick trip down the lake, at the end of your day. A Powerbreather Sport will help your worries float away. 

We believe in making swimming fun and easier for thousands of people around the world.

Yes, the top triathletes in the world have discovered Powerbreather and pushed their limits of distance, technique and strength building, but it's so much more than that. It's about finding the love of swimming as one the healthiest exercises on the planet.  

If you are a recreational swimmer who loves a relaxing swim at a calm beach, pool or lake. A Powerbreather Sport is all you need to be in your zone.  


When you hit the water, you can expect just a slight bit of buoyancy supporting your head. You will go through phases of awareness to your stroke as you propel yourself further than you've gone before. Your mind will shift from focusing on your breath, then back to your stroke and tweaks, you try. You find yourself playing with intervals of speed, your kick pattern and adjusting your body position while keeping your head steady. Finding yourself lost deep in thought you reach that runners high and keep swimming on. That's the Powerbreather.  Swimming will NEVER be the same, there are no limits.      

  • The PowerBreather works with any stroke on facing down, crawl, breast, butterfly, even side stroke. 
  • Each breath is 100% pure, dry air, there is no CO2 from your exhalation as with a standard snorkel. Breath comes in from the top, and out the bottom.
  • No water comes in the top tubes.  It is closed off unless you are breathing in.  You can hold your breath, go underwater, and no water will enter the tubes.
  • Saliva will not build up like a normal snorkel, no gurgling.  You simply inhale, exhale normally and any liquid will just flush out without notice.


  • Recreational swimmers in open water where there are not heavy chop or wave like conditions.
  • Pool swimmers not doing flip turns.  
  • Neck injuries making turning your neck difficult.  
  • Flat water snorkeling.
  • ** Using a PowerBreather is legal in USAT (USA Triathlon) regulations and may be used.  However, while many Ironman athletes train with a PowerBreather, no snorkel is allowed in Ironman events.  


  • Breathe steadily as you normally would, and experience breathing pure, dry air while underwater.
  • You'll find increased awareness of the environment beneath you since you don't need to focus on your how you breathe.
  • You will also find more awareness of your stroke, your technique, and form.
  • Fits any head from age 10 and above.  Fully adjustable for a snug fit.


 SPEED VENT - Modular 2-way ventilation system for constant dry, oxygen-rich air. Different styles for different training goals and settings.
 EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION - Quick attachment with maximum fit and wearing comfort.
 TWIST LOCK SYSTEM - Comfortably adjusts to fit head and accommodate most swimming goggles.
 D-TUBES - D-shaped profile for maximum comfort, optimal airflow (inside), and minimal flow resistance (outside).


  • Weight (with SPEEDVENT S): 220 grams / 7.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm /  14.5" x  7.75" x  1.5"

PowerBreather Owner's Manual