Aqua Lung Orange Softgear Set

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Aqua Lung Orange Softgear Set

The Express fin works on the same principle as the popular Slingshot and Hotshot fins. The function of the Slingshot power bands has been converted into the Express “Armadillo”. 

This Softgear Set consists of:

Express SS Fins Orange

This patented, elongated membrane is made from ultra-elastic rubber. Like power bands, it accumulates elastic energy during the downstroke and returns it at the end of each kick cycle.

Impression Mask Orange

The Impression delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Modelled with Aqua Lung's "Micromask Technology", its innovative, patented structure positions the lenses close to the eyes. This significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume. Aqua Lung's "Advanced Fit Technology" uses textured bands of silicone around the skirt to form a superior seal against the face and minimizes water entry. The Impression is effortless to clear and its low profile is ideal for freedivers or any diver that wants to reduce in-water drag.

Zephyr Snorkel Black/Orange

The Zephyr has a splashguard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water ingress