Aqua Lung Titan Airsystem

R 6,900.00

Aqua Lung Titan Airsystem

Aqua Lung is proud to introduce the third generation of the Titan regulator.

The new Titan incorporates the best features from the first two generations plus sprinkles in some Aqua Lung know how.

The result is a comfortable, light-weight, easy-breathing regulator that is filled with innovation.

From the consumer that wants performance at an affordable price to the dive

center that wants ease of maintenance, the Titan delivers.

First Stage:

Uses a balanced-diaphragm mechanism. This results in ease-of-breathing and consistent performance while environmentally protecting the internal parts. The first stage is T-shaped as opposed to its in-line predecessor making it more compact and providing optimal hose routings

Features 2 HP port and 4 MP ports

The unique, forged body of the first stage uses less brass making it more compact and lighter weight

The outer skin provides impact protection as well as a cosmetic flair

Now uses a conical filter for better filtration

Accepts an optional ACD (auto-closure device) system

The yoke screw has been improved so it doesn't trap water after the dive

Compatible up to 40% O2 when new, out of the box

Second Stage:

New, mid-size, high performance, demand valve second stage

Easy-to-grip venturi knob stops unwanted free flow when the regulator is out of your mouth

Can easily be reversed from right-handed to left-handed configuration by an authorized Aqua Lung dealer without additional parts

Comes with Aqua Lung Comfo-bite mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue

A grid built into the exhaust tee creates finer exhaust bubbles for less noise and more stability

All new, easy purge front cover

A new, reinforced polycarbonate material makes this second stage stronger than its predecessor

The side openings on the front cover prevent free flow when facing into currents or riding a scooter