Aqualung Balance Comfort Ladies Wetsuit

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Aqualung Comfort Balance Ladies Wetsuit

The Balance Comfort offers advanced features for comfort and warmth. An optional hood allows further warmth for your dive conditions. Thanks to the super-stretch neoprene with UltraspanTM fabric, a double cuff and semi-dry zipper, the Balance Comfort provides the utmost in comfort, fit and warmth.


* Environmentally friendly features: high quality non-petroleum based neoprene uses a PAH free formula
* Ultraspan™ outer fabric is a 4-way Super-Stretch material with a tight weave construction.
* This fabric is resistant to abrasions and Velcro snags to help keep your suit stretching and looking good
* Constructed using double glued with two-thread blind-stitched seams. All seam junctions on the inside of the suit are sealed by a small patch, offering superior warmth, comfort and durability
* Double cuffs with zip on arms and legs. Helps stop water entry and allows for easier don and doff
* Ergonomic panels underarm, inside elbow and inside knee for comfort and easy movement
* Pre-bent anatomic leg and arms for comfort
* G-Lock™ zipper in the back along with a double seal flap provides a watertight seal making cold shots non-existent
* Improved Supratex™ knee panels offer excellent abrasion resistance with the added bonus of increased flexibility
* Printed designs on the shoulders and hips to protect your suit from BC abrasion
* Printed designs on the wrist to help secure your dive computer