Biogrow Biotrissol 500ml

R 97.00

Environmentally friendly organic growing is an integrated approach to plant care based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants.
Our aim is to control insect populations to a level where minimal damage is caused to the crop and the beneficial insects have a supply of food. The closer we get to creating this balance, the healthier our environment will be.

Organic liquid fertilizer (NPK 3.2.5). This is a natural fermentation product gained from processing sugar beet. It contains a combination of essential nutrients (3% nitrate, 2% phosphoric acid, 5% potash and trace elements), in an organically assimilated form. The vitamins, ferments and growth-promoting substances contained in Biotrissol strengthen the plants and promote the formation of blooms. Biotrissol also provides nutrients for the micro-organisms in the soil and thus help to reactivate the soil.

Application rate: 500ml per 100L water

SA Registration Act 36 / 1947 K6339

Ingredient analysis
Nitrogen (N) 3%
Phosphorous (P) 2%
Potassium (K) 5%
Sulphur (S) 85 mg / ℓ
Calcium (Ca) 50 mg / ℓ
Magnesium 105 mg / ℓ
Sodium 100 mg / ℓ
Copper .10mg / ℓ
Zinc .20 mg / ℓ
Manganese .55 mg / ℓ
Iron 3.2 mg / ℓ
Boron .18 mg / ℓ