Cressi Start Set

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Cressi Start Set

Great set mid range dive set - dependable, robust and will give years in dependable use.

The set includes:

* Start BCD

The Cressi Start is a simple, functional jacket-style BCD without weight integration.

Designed primarily as a rental BC for resorts and dive schools, the Start is a simple, functional jacket-style BC without weight integration.

Diver operators will appreciate its bullet-proof construction using 1000 and 500 Denier Cordura and large, easily seen size markings on the shoulder.

* Ultra durable construction from 1000 and 500 Denier Cordura

* 2 large pockets cargo pockets with velcro closure

* Rigid padded backpack and carry handle

* Three exhaust valves for buoyancy adjustment in any position

* 2 technopolymer D-rings

* 2 spring-clip holding rings

* Size printed clearly on the harness

* XS Compact / AC2 Air-System

Includes the Piston design AC2 1st stage, XS Compact 2nd Stage and a XS Compact Octo. This regulator is made up of the new 2nd stage XS Compact, combined with the piston design AC2 1st stage. Its strengths lie in its extreme lightness, excellent performance, very easy maintenance and affordable purchase price.

* Suitable for beginners, diving, schools and rental.

* Self-lubricating jacketed cylinder.

* Sintered cup alter

* 3 low pressure outlets

* 1 high pressure outlet

Octopus XS Compact uses the same casing as the XS Compact model made from special hi-tech polymers, the only difference being the yellow front cover. All the parts of XS Compact , most of which are patented, can be found on this regulator.

The performance is extremely high, although the calibration is regulated so that the inhalation effort is slightly greater than on the XS Compact , to prevent any self-regulating possibility when it is used as a spare regulator.

Octopus XS Compact suits all the Cressi first stages perfectly and all the first stages with an intermediate pressure between 9 and 10 bar.

* Console 1 Gauge

Small, light-weight gauge that has been specifically designed to avoid excessive strain on the HP hose that connects to the first stage of the regulator.

The Cressi mini pressure gauge is a small, light-weight gauge that has been specifically designed to avoid excessive strain on the HP hose that connects to the first stage of the regulator.

The instrument has a metal case in chromium plated brass and is therefore extremely strong.

The front glass is made so that it also acts as a pressure relief valve. In the event of a sudden increase in pressure inside the instrument, the glass rises slightly, allowing the excess pressure to escape.

The luminescent dial is calibrated up to 350 bar in the metric version and 5000 psi in the imperial one. The area below 50 bar is highlighted in red, the one between 50 and 200 is green and that from 200 to the end of the scale is light blue.

The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console, made from polycarbonate and desmopan, two materials that guarantee protection from shocks and scratches and which, at the same time, are very light.

In the upper part of the protective shell there is a loop for fastening the instrument to the jacket so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.