Cut Flowers of the World - Revised Edition

R 680.00

This full-colour photograpic guide describes and illustrates more than 350 different species of commercially important flowers, foliages and potted flowers.
The emphasis is on flowers that are commonly used in the cut flower industry and the book gives useful hints about the selection and handeling of these flowers.

Cut flowers of the World is a comprhensive review and practical guide to the most important types of commercial flowers that are sold in florest shops every day.

The book includes:
* Descriptions of more than 350 plant species and their close relatives. For each flower, the lollowing information is given: description of the plant; geographical orign: historical overviewlcultivation;cultivars; properties such as colours, scents and vase lif; quality criteria (how to select for quality); and the proper care and handling of the flowers.
* More than 600 excellent full-colour photgraphs, showing the beauty, colour variation and diversity of the flowers. Important foliage plants and potted flowers are also included, making this a useful reference guide for florists.
* Indroductory chapters on basic aspects such as cultivation methods, harvesting and shipping techniques, cultivar development, modern trends in marketing (including the role of colour in customer preferences) and perhaps most importantly, thr basic principles of the selection, handeling and use of flowers and foliage.
* A new selection on production tequiques and a quick guide and checklist of more than 1 000 of the most important and well known cut flowers, potted flowers and foliage plants, listed according to scientific name but giving the common names, family name, region of origin, parts used, colour, fragrance, ethylele sensitivity and storage temperature.
* Separate common names indexes to the most familiar and well known cut flowers, foliage and potted flowers; a comprhensive scientific index to all the scientfic and common names mentioned in the text; a glossay explaning specialist terms; and a list of references and further reading.

Authors: Johannes Maree & Ben-Erik van Wyk
ISBN: 9781920217852
Extent: 472 pages
Format: 240 x 168 mm
Hard cover. Full colour photographs.