GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Secateurs

R 369.99

For all cutting tasks at your balcony
The GARDENA Balcony Secateurs is especially adapted for use by balcony and terrace gardeners and cuts flowers, herbs, thin branches and much more. The blades are made of stainless steel. The shears have two adjustable handle positions for adapting to the relevant cutting objects and a single-hand safety lock. 25 year warranty.

* Multifunctional use
Thanks to the special blade design the GARDENA Balcony Secateurs can be used for different cutting jobs like cutting herbs, flowers, thin branches but also plastic bags for e.g. potting soil.

* Comfortable handling
The ergonomic handles lie perfectly in the hand. The soft components incorporated into the upper handle provide the necessary anti-slip properties and are gentle on the wrists in any cutting situation.

* Particular benefits
The Garden Secateurs can be adjusted in steps to two handle widths or two cutting diameters. The smaller handle width is particularly practical for gardeners with smaller hands or for cutting smaller branch diameters. They can be set via an additional adjustment option on the safety lock.

* Cutting type: Bypass