GARDENA City Gardening Terrace Hose Set

R 899.99

Spiral Hose that coils back
The Spiral Hose Set is the convenient solution for watering plants on balconies, patios or small gardens. After use, the hose automatically coils back up to a minimum size. This eliminates the need to unroll and roll the hose back up again. It is ideal for watering plants in small areas. The enclosed Water Sprayer lies well in the hand, the water quantity can be infinitely adjusted and the impulse trigger can be set if desired.

* Automatic roll-up of hose – no manual rolling required
The hose automatically coils back up after use to its original shape.
No more troublesome rolling and unrolling.

* Complete Set – ready-to-use
The complete solution with Hose Connector and Water Stop, Sprayer and Threaded Tap Connectors. The hose practically tidies itself and is always read-to-use and accessible.

* Never carry watering cans again
The hose system is ideal for watering plants on the patio and balconies. In a range of 10 m
from the connecting point, precise and water-saving irrigation is possible. Also ideal for small-area front yards.

* Included Components: 1 x Watering Sprayer, 1 x Water Stop, 1 x Hose Connector, 1 x Tap Connector, 1 x Adapter
* Hose length: 10 m
* Hose Diameter: 9 mm
* Warranty: 5 years