GARDENA combisystem Road broom

R 336.00

Multi-purpose broom for the garden and home
The GARDENA combisystem Road Broom is ideally suited for use in the garden and for around the house. With a working width of 45 cm and an impact-resistant head made of high-quality plastic, the robust broom can be used for a number of purposes. High-quality and smooth hard and soft bristles made of polypropylene achieve an optimal cleaning result and efficient work. An integrated scraping edge above the broom allows effortless removal of trodden-in dirt or moist leaves. The Road Broom is suitable for all GARDENA combisystem handles, whereby GARDENA recommends a handle length of 130 or 150 cm, depending on body height. The warranty period is 25 years.
** Please note: this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

* Wobble-free connection
The combisystem product is simply connected to the handle and screwed tight. The reliable technology guarantees wobble-free and reliable work.

* Fits all handles
GARDENA combisystem products fit all GARDENA combisystem handles. Whether your handle is made of wood or aluminium, or designed to spare your back, it is up to you.

* Sturdy
The head and scraper are made of high-quality plastic, thereby rendering the GARDENA combisystem Road Broom highly robust. High-quality bristles allow optimal cleaning results and long use.

* Practical
With the scraping edge above the broom, even trodden-in dirt or moist leaves can be easily and effortlessly removed.

* Use: For cleaning terraces
* Warranty: 25 years
* Working width: 45 cm