GARDENA Comfort Multi Sprayer

R 599.00 Regular price R 650.00

The Comfort Multi Sprayer from GARDENA – for a wide range of watering and cleaning tasks
Its five different spray settings and infinitely adjustable water flow make the garden pulse sprayer suitable for almost any kind of plant watering and various cleaning tasks on the balcony and terrace and in the garden. The pulse sprayer is an all-rounder with no inconvenient changing of various attachments. The fine spray stream caresses sensitive seedlings, and pulse and bubble jet ensure precise watering of planted areas and plant tubs, and the full or flat spray allow effective performance of cleaning work.

* Convenient and durable
The soft plastic makes the pulse sprayer especially non-slip. The clamping capability and water regulation with just one finger make handling comfortable and simple. The pulse sprayer is also equipped with a frost protection system.

* Variable pulse sprayer
The multi-sprayer for various watering and cleaning work

* Five spray patterns
Spray jet, bubble jet, fine mist, flat spray, hard jet

* Especially effective slip protection
Trigger button with permanent lock and water flow regulation with finger pressure

* Durable
Easy to clean and frost-resistant and has an integrated filter