GARDENA PremiumCut Pruning Lopper 700 B

R 2,429.00

Technique- and design-oriented for demanding garden enthusiasts
The GARDENA PremiumCut 700 B is a professional pruning lopper for garden lovers. With a total length of 700 mm and thanks to the precision-grounding, the lopper can precisely cut branches of up to 40 mm in diameter, thereby sparing the plant. The Pruning Lopper has replaceable blades made of stainless steel and forged bottom blades, along with especially stable double curved aluminium handles. Ergonomically formed grips allow comfortable and effort-saving cutting. Thanks to the leverage and gearing, the lopper increases the force applied by 18 times. The Premium Pruning Lopper also has an angled cutting head. GARDENA offers a warranty of 25 years for this Pruning Lopper.

* High stability
Its aluminium handles render the Pruning Lopper especially stable.

* Premium features
Replaceable blades made of stainless steel and forged bottom blades allow a long life.

* Maximum cutting diameter: 40 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Blade: Precision-ground