GARDENA Running Water Handle with Extension Joint

R 559.00

For cleaning difficult-to-access areas
With the GARDENA Running Water Handle Extension with Joint, you can reach even the most narrow spaces with GARDENA Cleansystem accessories.

* For inaccessible areas
The finely adjustable elbow joint can be rotated to 45° on either side and makes cleaning inaccessible areas easy.

* Plastic coating is easy on the hands
The plastic coating is easy on the hands and protects them from the cold. It also protects against scratch marks.

* Easy and safe connection technology
Simply connect the Running Water Handle with screw connection to the Original GARDENA Cleansystem accessories and clean safely and effectively.

* Practical, convenient, effective
The 53-cm-long Running Water Handle Extension with Joint can be directly connected with all Running Water Handles of the Original GARDENA Cleansystem. You can effortlessly reach inaccessible areas.

* Use: Finely tiltable elbow joint for cleaning of inaccessible places
* Warranty: 5 years