GARDENA Secateurs Bypass - 22mm

R 389.00

Stainless steel lower blade, fibreglass-reinforced handle, two handle opening widths.
The GARDENA Classic Garden Secateurs with their non-stick-coated upper blade and a bottom blade made of rust-proof stainless steel are optimally suited for cutting flowers, young shoots and branches. Ergonomically shaped handles, adjustable in two steps and with additional soft components on the upper handles, provide maximum comfort when cutting. The secateurs have a practical single-hand safety lock for safe storage. 25 year warranty.

* Cutting principle
Two ground blades slide past each other on cutting, leaving behind them an accurate and clean cut. The Garden Secateurs are therefore perfect for cutting flowers and young, fresh shoots and branches.

* Comfortable handling
The ergonomic handles lie perfectly in the hand. The soft components incorporated into the upper handle provide the necessary anti-slip properties and are gentle on the wrists in any cutting situation.

* Particular benefits
The Garden Secateurs can be adjusted in steps to two handle widths or two cutting diameters. The smaller handle width is particularly practical for gardeners with smaller hands or for cutting smaller branch diameters. They can be set via an additional adjustment option on the safety lock.

* Safe storage
Thanks to the one-handed safety lock, the secateurs can simply be closed with one hand and safely stored after use.

* Maximum cutting diameter: 22 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Bottom blade: Stainless steel
* Blade: Precision-ground