GARDENA Shampoo for Running Water Handle

R 91.00

Finest cleaning for paint- and plastic surfaces
The GARDENA Shampoo was specially developed for the Original GARDENA Cleansystem. Through the rotary knob on the Running Water Handle, the Shampoo can be easily and precisely dosaged.
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* Ideal for the dispenser of the Original GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handles
Simply add GARDENA Shampoo to the dispenser and gently clean dirty surfaces.

* Biodegradable
The GARDENA Shampoo is sustainably effective – it effectively cleans and spares the environment.

* Effective cleaning of paint- and plastic surfaces
Paint- and plastic surfaces are sensitive – their cleaning requires effective yet gentle treatment. The GARDENA Shampoo is the cleaning agent for sensitive material.

* Use: For effective cleaning of sensitive and robust surfaces and glass
* Included Components: 9 x shampoo
* Warranty: 5 years