GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector

R 219.00

For operating 2 watering accessories
The GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector serves the operation of two accessories. In this manner, two hoses never need to be changed at the tap. The two outlets are fully adjustable, independently of each other.

* 2 outlets on one tap
With the use of the GARDENA Twin-Tap Connector, two connections can be made to one tap. In this manner, two hoses can be secured to one tap without troublesome exchanging.

* Fully adjustable
Both connections and outlets are fully adjustable. This means they can be operated independently of each other.

* The Original GARDENA System
Thanks to the system products of the Original GARDENA System any watering accessories can be easily and quickly connected to the tap or hose. Everything interconnects from start to finish and stays watertight.

* Use: Connection to tap For operating two watering accessories at the same time