GARDENA Window Cleaner With Wiper

R 689.00

Versatile microfibre fleece cleaning
With the GARDENA Window Cleaner with Wiper, you get two products in one. With the high-quality microfibre fleece, you can achieve intensive cleaning performance. It can also be easily removed and washed at 60° in the washing machine. The swivel joint can also be fixed so that the wiper may be easily attached. The wiper itself is made of a high-quality, durable rubber lip. So that you will have clean and streak-free windows. It can be used with all Original GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handles.

* Conveniently clean and wipe with one product
Through the combination of wiper and cleaner, two products are integrated into one.
That saves time and money.

* Water-connected – for use as a hand tool or tool with handle
Depending on the application - through the Original GARDENA System connection, you can directly connect the Window Cleaner as a hand tool to the hose or as an accessory to an Original GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handle.

* Effective cleaning
With the detachable, high-quality microfibre fleece, your windows can be easily cleaned.

* Effective wiping
The wiper has a high-quality, durable rubber lip. You can wipe cleanly and without streaks.

* Flexible and easy-to-use
Thanks to the 360° swivel joint, the Window Cleaner can be easily and effortlessly used. You can easily clean your glass surfaces.

* Use: Combined window cleaner and wiper
* Warranty: 5 years