Gourmet Slab Lettuce

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This slab contains...
Buttercrunch: A rosette of rich green leaves that are buttery and chewy, softer than your standard salad base. Easy to grow, this variety will hold well under stress and heat.
Red Salad Bowl: An appealing looseleaf that is deep red and purple in colour. The tender leaves are shaped like that of an oak tasting sweet and spicy for a more beautiful and interesting salad.
Little Gem Romaine: This quick maturing lettuce grows in a compact rosette and is considered the sweetest lettuce to munch on. It’s crisp and crunchy texture make it a household favourite, perfect for sandwiches and snacking.

Key benefits of the SOW Delicious Easy Grow seed slab:

  • Invented by a South African gardening guru – a world first
  • Retains water 3 times longer than ordinary soil, keeps seedlings moist
  • Half the germination time: Enriched with organic nutrients for healthy germination
  • 12 Blocks Embedded with open pollinated heirloom seeds
  • They love pots and are great for small gardens
  • Biodegradable, made with 100% natural recycled materials
  • Heirlooms are non-GMO and produce bigger, tastier & more nutrient-dense plants than hybrid seeds
  • Easy planting instructions included; so simple to sow & grow
  • Box size : 170mm x 85mm x 18mm

Growing your Own…

  • Light: Full sun
  • Harvest: 4 - 8 weeks
  • 12 Block Slab, 1 Block produces: 5+ salads
  • Seed: 100% Heirloom Non-GMO
  • Companion Planting: beetroot, cucumber, kale, onions, tomatoes