Guide to the properties and uses of Southern African Wood

R 550.00

Guide to the properties and uses of Southern African Wood is a fully illustrated, scientifically accurate guide to the characteristics, properties and uses of wood from 140 Southern African tree species.
Species treatments include information on conservation status, uses, mechanical properties, durability, identification features, woodworking properties and comments from wood users on workability.
Photographs of tree bark, untreated and treated wood, end-grain macrographs, as well as worked items.
Provides information on historical uses, where trees grow, availability and sustainability of the wood and the practicalities of harvesting and processing.
Superior quality text and excellent reproduction and printing.
The only commercially available book which focuses on the properties of Southern African wood, written in a style that will appeal to a wide audience: professional woodworkers, designers, architects, wood dealers and wood collectors, hobbyists, botanists and anyone interested in trees and wood.

A must-have for all who love wood and trees!

Authors: Stephanie Dyer, Barry James, Danielle James
ISBN: 9781920217587
Extentt: 336 pages
Format: 280 x 210 mm
Hard cover, more than 700 full-colour photographs and distribution maps