Mares Rover 2S Air System

R 3,845.00

Mares Rover 2S Air System

* Reliability, light weight and simplicity

* Light weight, sturdy and compact first stage

* Mid-size second stage

* Ideal for Diving Center

The Rover 2S is an excellent choice for intensive rental use in the Diving Centers and for all divers who want reliability!

The new R2S first stage is the evolution of the piston regulator.

A sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance.

The protection cover is designed to allow the installation of an RFID chip for rental use managed by dedicated PC software.

Easy and reduced maintenance for INT and DIN version.

Material: Technopolymer

First stage: Piston design

Lightweight yoke: Yes

First stage weight (g) INT: 608

First stage weight (g) DIN300: 432

Second stage weight (g): 200

Total weight (g) INT: 987

Total weight (g) DIN300: 808

Second stage dimension: Medium

Oil/Dry cold water kit: Dry

Nitrox: -

HP Ports: 1 HP 7/16" UNF ports

LP Ports: 4 LP 3/8" UNF ports

Inhale pressure: 11.44 mbar

Inhale pos pressure: 0.00 mbar

Exhale pressure: 9.63 mbar

Ext work breathing: 1.35 J/l

Inhale work: 0.68 J/l

Pos inhale work: 0.00 J/l

Exhale work: 0.67 J/l

Pressure depth: diagram at 50m (165ft)

Pressure diagram: 215