Mares Volo One Vision OH Set

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Mares Volo Set (Open-Heel)

The Volo Power is a lightweight, easy and efficient fin which offers high performance with minimal exertion- ideal for those seeking the easiest kicking fin on the market! This set includes Volo power fins, X-vision mask or One Vision mask with a Ergo Flex snorkel.

*NOTE* Snorkel colour will be matched with the Mask ordered !!!

Volo Power Fins

* ABS plus buckles
* OPB system for great kicking efficiency
* Channel thrust technology

One Vision Mask

* Silicone skirt
* Low drag design
* Small ribs around nose to relieve pressure
* Single lens design
* X-shaped silicone strap
* Sunrise version available

Ergo Flex Snorkel

* Sliding swivel snorkel keeper
* Corrugated silicone hose and mouthpiece
* Exhaust valve
* Suitable for diving or extended snorkeling sessions