ScubaPro Magnetic Quick Clip

R 330.00

ScubaPro Magnetic Quick Clip

This is so much more than just an octo clip! The super strong Rare Earth Magnets make attaching and releasing octos, gauges, inflators, torches, marker buoys and pretty much anything else you can think of a snap!

The clip self-engages with the two halves auto-locating and finding each other.

To release, simply pull sharply, Quick Clip supports about 3kg!

Use the included cable-tie to attach the saddle on the male component to hoses of any diameter, even the corrugated hose of your inflator or Air2! (Finally prevent them from hanging down vertically when you're on a dive!).

Alternatively, thread the included stainless split ring through the saddle to attach almost any accessory you can imagine! Quick Clips make great key rings too!