(Sharp Edged - Dark Grey) Air Tree in Rock Decor Holder

R 225.00


 Air Tree Species - Tillandsia Bergi

Rock Decor Plant Holder
A natural stone cradle, creating a unique and contemporary way to bring nature into your home and office.

What's in the Box:
1 x Air Tree
1 x Rock Decor Planter
1 x Pack Decor Stones (Filler) 
1 x Spray Bottle 
Tillandsia Bergi - A rock-dwelling perennial with grey-scaly, mid-green leaves. It produces 7 to 12 funnel-shaped spikes with blue and white flowers, fading to rose-pink with grey-green floral bracts. In general, Tillandsia is a large group of evergreen perennials that may be either epiphytic, terrestrial, or rock-dwelling and are a member of the bromeliad family. Their leaves are tough and linear often grey-green, dark green or shades of red. Flowers are usually funnel-shaped with 3 sepals and petals, with spreading terminal lobes and emerge from the centre of showy bracts. These curious plants may be grown outdoors as long as temperatures do not drop below 45 degrees F. To grow Tillandsia, locate in a well-ventilated place where there is full light and protection from the hot sun. From mid-spring through fall, mist daily

Note: Our Rock Decor Holders are sourced from a licenced quarry and stones are hand-selected, polished and drilled by local tradesman.

Note: T
hese air trees are live plants, each one is unique and may differ in size