Slab of Jalapeno Chillies

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Slab of Jalapeno Chillies

Chillies grown from heirloom seed that has been protected and passed down for generations, with pure genetic lines which can trace back to the first chillies discovered in ancient South America hundreds of years ago!

SLAB GROWS: 150+ chillies (30+ per plant)
LIGHT: Full Sun – 6 – 10 hours
SPROUTS IN: 14 – 24 days
HARVEST: 10-14 Weeks
LIKES TO GROW OUT WITH: Basil, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, squash, tomatoes

FOODIE FUN FACT: Capsaicin in chillies has anti-bacterial properties which combat chronic sinus infections and relieve congestion. 

      How to plant your slab: 
      1. Snap the Slab of Seed into blocks 
      2. Soak for 1min before planting
      3. Bury blocks 2cm down into furtile soil, cover & water well 
      4. Keep soil moist, never dry, this improves germination by 30%


      • 5-block Slab
      • Weight: 55g

      Warranty Info

      This product comes with a 12 month shelf life.