Smart Indoor Micro Garden

R 1,339.00

Smart Indoor Micro Garden

Easy-peasy micro hydroponic gardening is now at your fingertips thank to this ingenious Smart Indoor Micro Garden. It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds – this nifty gadget allows you to grow your own herbs and micro greens in your own kitchen year round without any soil. Made up of a hydroponic basin that allows the plants to regulate their own water intake and an LED grow light suspended above that feeds your plants all the light they require. A great green gadget that not only fits your lifestyle but also your décor with its sleek design.

  • Grow your own herbs/microgreens in your kitchen all year round
  • Soilless cultivation – simply cut and use. No washing required
  • Hydroponic water basins allow plants to regulate their own water intake
  • LED Grow light feeds the plant with all necessary light requirements
  • Grow light doubles as reading light
  • Easy and simple
  • 1 year warranty

Package Contents:         

1 x LED Grow light system control

1 x Power adapter

1 x Fertiliser

1 x Basin body

1 x Product instructions

Most dwarf varieties of these plants are suitable for this indoor Micro Garden

Salad: lettuce, water spinach, iceberg lettuce, celery, spinach

Herbs: basil, coriander, mint, liquorice

Flowers: Gysophila paniculata, Madagascar periwinkle herb, impatiens, begonia, garland chrysanthemum, dianthus, mary flower, seven mile yellow, hornsey ball, campanula flowers, hanabishi grass, verbena, snapdragons, medals chrysanthemum, petunia, half sticks lotus, violet, blue in February, white clover, dandelion, thyme

Bulbous plants: daffodils, gladiolus, big flower canna, dahlia, amaryllis, lilies, agapanthus, gloxinia, tuberose, hyacinth, tulips, cyclamen, buttercup flowers, amaryllis, Jinhua, zephyranthes, leeks lotus, saffron, crinum, calla lilly etc


Made from aluminium

Power: 240V

Item Height (mm):          370

Item Length (mm):          285

Item Width (mm):           117