TorHans AeroZ? White/Semi Clear

R 1,470.00

The TorHans? Aero?Series aero-bar mounted hydration bottles
are designed to be the most aerodynamically efficient way to
carry fluids on a bicycle. Designed with our new XFlow3?
spill-free, fill-on-the-go cap, patent pending AeroFlow? straw
and dual channel mounting system, the Aero30? or Aero30?
will keep you fast and hydrated!
Available now is the NEW Aero30 with our new spill/splash
proof cap.
30887 ML
22650 ML
Co-developed with aerospace aerodynamicists, the AeroZ?
has been designed to be the fastest most functional and
aerodynamic horizontal hydration system available today.
The AeroZ? allows for multiple straw tubing positions to lay
flat on the aero extensions or vertically via an embedded
high-strength magnet at the rear of the bottle. An additional
magnet is included to place on the aero extensions. Our
innovative XFlow II? fill-on-the-go cap is fully sealed against
spilling and splashing. The AeroZ? is the only gravity fed
hydration system available, eliminating remaining fluids.
The AeroZ? also allows for future compatibility with internal
frame bladder hydration systems.
22650 ML