TriggerPoint MBX Massage Ball

R 325.00

Ideal for a deep tissue massage, the TriggerPoint MBX features an extra firm surface for intense muscle relief. Designed to replicate the pressure of a massage therapist’s elbow, the MB5 has a large surface area that provides the unique ability to release soreness in tight shoulders, hips, and the groin. Lightweight, washable, and slip resistant, the MBX is ideal for use at home, the gym, or on the road.


Extra firm massage ball provides deep-tissue compression to encourage blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, helping enhance overall movement, range of motion, and performance
Ideal for intense compression on the shoulders, hips, and groin
Easy to clean foam surface
2.6 inch diameter, weighs 1.4 oz

TriggerPoint empowers people of all lifestyles to move and feel better. TriggerPoint designs and develops innovative massage therapy tools that mimic the touch of a therapist’s hands - making their foam rollers, hand rollers, massage sticks and balls ideal for individuals of all ages, sizes, and athletic ability.