Tusa Crestline Set - Promo

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Tusa Crestline Set

The ideal set for any diver looking for absolute value for money!
This Set is like the Toyota Corolla of scuba gear, it's going to run forever and ever and ever...

Set includes:
Tusa Crestline BCD 
Tusa RS1207 Air system (DIN)
Tusa SS0007 Octo 
Tusa Consol 2 Gauge 
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Tusa Crestline BCD

Make way for TUSA’s newest fundamental buoyancy compensator, Crestline BC-0601. Designed for recreational use and travel, this BC is versatile and lightweight.

Tusa RS1207 Air System

The TUSA RS1207 regulator is a light weight, durable regulator perfect for entry level divers. The "easy maintenance" design makes this regulator ideal for training and rental.

Tusa SS0007 Octo

The TUSA SS0007 Octo/Safe Second Stage regulator is an ideal accessory for any regulator. The light weight, durable second stage is built to withstand heavy use while maintaining exceptional breathability.

Tusa 2 Piece Gauge 

Equipped with a 5000psi/400bar (4350psi/300bar max) pressure gauge for accurate display of remaining air pressure.