Tusa Solla Fin (Closed Heel)

R 799.00

Tusa Solla Fins (CH)

It is powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin.

In addition to ForcElast technology, the Solla features Tusa's patented Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.), an optimised three channel crescent shaped blade with reinforced side-rails and vents and a soft anatomic foot pocket.

* Full foot version of SF-22 Solla

* Powered by ForcElast Technology

* Tusa patented Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.)

* Newly designed anatomic foot pocket enhances comfort

* Three channel blade with crescent tip maximises propulsion

* Reinforced blade side-rails and vents fine-tune performance