Worm Farm + FREE Worm Starter Bucket.

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Order online and we can courier to you anywhere in SA. 

R1 499 and receive a FREE worm starter bucket
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This worm farm / hotel is the perfect home garden worm farming / composting solution.

These worm farms are locally produced in South Africa and we can ship to you anywhere in SA via our door to door couriers. 

We also include a FREE Starter Guide info sheet with all the info you need to start, grow, maintain and troubleshoot your worm farm.

Get a FREE 2Kg Worm Starter Bucket!

Order this month and we will send you a 2kg bucket filled will with "Red Wriggler" worms, worm vermicelli (Compost) and worm pupae (in the Compost).
* Worm bucket will probably contain veggie food offcuts because we always provide in transit meals for our wormy friends as we send them to their new home.  

The Worm Farm includes:
3 Stackable Layers with drainage holes & breathing vents 
- 2 Worm Hotel Layers
- 1 Worm Tea Collection Tray with Drainage Tap.

Technical Specifications:
Material: Polypropylene
Ext. Top: 648 x 384 x 600 mm (H)
Max Load: 100kg
Colour: Black

Worm Farm YES & NO Feeding Guide: